Youth Work opportunity

Aged 18+ & Interested in Youth Work?

Applications are now open for the

Education Authority Youth Support Worker Qualification

The course will start with an information evening on Thursday 29 September

and will run every Thursday night from then until Christmas.

The students will then be required to devise and present a six-session programme

to a group of young people at the youth club between Christmas and Easter.

Education Authority Youth Support Worker Qualification


The Education Authority Youth SupportWorker Qualification replaces the OCN Level2 & 3 Introduction to Youth Work as the course to gainYouth Support Worker status.


This course is endorsed andcertified by the EducationAuthority Youth Service and isrecognised by UUJ as criteria forinterview for their CommunityYouth Work courses.

Course Design

The Youth Support Worker Qualification is apart time EducationAuthority endorsed course designed toprovide participants with the skills, knowledgeand understanding of how to plan, deliver andevaluate Youth Work.The course consists of 12 x 3 hour sessions. The course provides students with theopportunity to design, plan, deliver andevaluate a youth work programme with agroup of young people. In addition, each studentwill be expected to work a minimum of onesession per week at the youth club forthe duration of the course.


The course provides opportunities for studentsto:

• Share and exchange their views andexperiences of youth work practice withothers

• Explore their own personal approachesand attitudes

• Build on talents, interests and energies

• Further develop and enhance their youthwork skills, knowledge and understanding

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that students will achieve thefollowing outcomes:

• Increased understanding, knowledge andskills in youth work

• Enhanced leadership skills and techniques

• Enhanced communication andinterpersonal skills to work with youngpeople

• Increased knowledge and skills in workingwith groups of young people

• Increased knowledge and skills in planningand evaluating youth work

• Increased understanding & knowledgeof Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

• Increased confidence and competence tocarry out the role of Youth Support Worker


This course will cover the following broad topic areas:

• What youth work is, values, interests and priorities

• Needs of young people and issues which are important to them

• Developing appropriate youth work relationships

• Ethical conduct in Youth Work

• Participation and inclusion

• Communicating with young people and others and dealing with conflict

• Identifying opportunities and resources for youth work

• Policies, procedures and safe practices

• Programme Planning and Evaluation

• Beginning to work with groups and reflective practice

Applications before Thursday 22nd September


Speak to Any Leader ASAP.