2024 Coaches

Preschool Head Coach – Eleanor Flanagan

P1 & P2 Head Coach – Joanna Sloan

P3 & P4 Head Coach – Gerald Rooney & Brian Sloan

P5 & P6 Head Coach – Joanne McVeigh, Rosanne Small & Jennifer O’Reilly

P7/U12 Head Coach – Nicola Burns

U14 Head Coach – Rosanne Small

U16/18 Head Coach – Marty McNeill

Senior Head Coach – Robert Wilson


Typical training schedule:

Preschool, P1, P2 – Sunday morning

P3 & P4 – Tuesday evening

P5 & P6 Thursday evening & Sunday morning

P7/U12 – Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon

U14 – Tuesday evening & Thursday evening

U16/18 Tuesday evening & Friday evening

Senior – Monday, Wednesday & Friday

If you need to speak to any of our head coaches or committee members at any time please get in touch by emailing secretary.anriocht.down@camogie.ie to arrange a meeting.